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Kek Centrifugal Sifter Kek Sifters and GKM Screeners Products

Kemutec provides “total solutions for screening powders” with its series of Kek centrifugal sifters and GKM flat deck tumbler screening machines.

Kek Centrifugal Sifters

The class leader for high speed and efficient processing of powders, granules, and slurries, the Kek Centrifugal Sifter is optimized for top performance. The full cantilever shaft provides easy access and rapid screen changes, averaging 30 seconds. The design promotes easy cleaning, providing the highest standards in hygiene. Practically tool free maintenance results in optimized uptime and output.  Achieve output ranges from a few pounds per hour up to 200,000 lbs/hr with the Kek Centrifugal Sifter, for both gravity and full inline pneumatic conveying applications.

  • Screening down to 35 μ
  • Screens available in nylon, stainless steel woven, perforated plate, and wedge wire
  • Full cantilever shaft, no seals or end bearings
  • 7 model sizes
  • Rates up to 200,000 lbs/hr
GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screeners

GKM Ultimate Tumbler Screening Machine for multi-deck classification, dedusting of dry powdered and granular products and control screening. Especially suited for high feed rates and difficult to screen multi-deck separations of fines and lightweight products. Patented manual deck lifters facilitate high-efficiency screening and easy screen changes. The durable modular design allows for no dead corners, low noise levels (75dB), and a long service life for all parts.  The GKM Tumbler Screening Machine is 100% dynamically and statically balanced for vibration free installation within steel structures. 

  • Screening down to 20 μ
  • Screens available in synthetic fiber mesh, stainless steel woven wire, or perforated plate
  • Fast onsite re-meshing of screen frame
  • 1-6 screen decks per machine
  • Screen movement is 3-dimensional allowing for a much gentler screening section
  • Model sizes range from 600-2600 mm diameter
GKM Vibrating Screeners

Designed for pure control screening, the Vibrating Screener delivers high throughput rates of dusty, powdered, granular products, and liquid-solid separation with a low percentage of overs. The GKM Vibrating Control Screener yields exceptional screening efficiency with an adjustable retention time for oversized particles and a remarkably fast center discharge of fine particles. Screens down to 200 μ

  • Screens are available in synthetic wire mesh fabric and stainless steel
  • Fast onsite re-meshing of screen frame
  • Screen movement is 2-dimensional
  • 1-2 screen decks per machine
  • Model sizes range from 450-1500 mm diameter
GKM Vibrating Control Screeners

The Vibrating Control Screener is designed for pure control screening with higher performance of dry, dusty, powdered and granular products, and liquid-solid separation with a low percentage of coarse material.

  • Screens down to 100 µm

  • High acceleration; also suitable for solid-liquid separation and wet products

  • Screen frames with double clamping ring for fast self-changing

  • 1 – 2 screen decks per machine

  • Model size range from 450 – 2000 mm diameter

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