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In support of the process development needs of our customers, Kemutec offers our range of services for material testing using our range of Powder Processing Equipment. 

We offer:

Material Testing

New Test Center 2Kemutec offers comprehensive product testing facilities in our Technical Center located in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Fully equipped to demonstrate full-scale production, pilot, and lab-size equipment, the facility allows for first-hand evaluation and recording of material processing trials.

Principle Processes Include:

Sifting and screening with:

  • Kek Centrifugal Sifters
  • GKM Tumbler Screeners
  • GKM Vibrating Screeners

Size Reduction with:

  • Kek Cone Mills
  • Kek Kibbler / Pre-Breakers
  • Kek Universal Mills
  • PPS Air Classifier Mills

Mixing and Blending with:

  • Gardner Ribbon Mixers
  • Gardner Double Cone Blenders

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Laboratory Analysis

labaSupporting the material testing services, Kemutec has a fully equipped Laboratory for the analysis of the processed materials.

This includes a laser particle size analyzer to facilitate accurate size determination and particle size distribution of both feed and processed materials.





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