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Mucon Rotalog Paddle Level Switches

The Mucon Rotalog is the premium paddle style level switch, with guaranteed failsafe performance.

Designed to detect the presence of powdered and granular materials, the Mucon Rotalog is ideal for use as high and low-level probes in bins and silos.

Mucon Rotalog
Mucon Rotalog

Kemutec - Mucon Rotalog Discharge Aid

Features include:

  • Special High and Low-Level Designs
  • Dust Tight and Weather Proof Designs
  • 40psi Pressure Capable
  • Special High -Temperature Models For Up To 200ºC
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Fail-Safe Option Available


Design Specifications


A Dust tight and weatherproof enclosure to IP65 BS4999 molded in ABS plastic.

The aluminum housing can be made special order depending upon quantities required.

Electrical Circuit

Mucon Rotalog Circuits - KemutecThere are two types of circuits: standard and electrical fail-safe. The control switch is of the single pole changeover type rated at 1250 V.A. 5 amps maximum current flow resistive.

The motor circuit supply voltage can either be 24, 48, 110-115 or 220-250 volts, single phase, 50 or 60 Hz, with a power consumption of less than 9 watts.

Local Neons can be included in The Head Unit if required.

Additional features in the electrical fail-safe circuit are:

a) Automatic changeover of the control switch upon motor circuit failure.
b) “Operational” output to continuously monitor the state of the motor circuit.
c) “Failure” output to provide a signal if the motor circuit breaks. (Please see the wiring diagram.)

These three signals are provided by a relay.


Rotalog Paddle Switch - KemutecPaddles

The paddles are stainless steel and available in one, two or four vane versions. The paddle type is selected to suit the product material characteristics.

Special paddle designs have been developed for special applications.

Mounting Flange

This is 18 S.W.G. x 203 diameter stainless steel with 6 holes, 7.2mm diameter on 178mm P.C.D. The flange plates are thin enough to allow site forming of the plates to a conical or cylindrical surface.


The paddle shaft of models 2 and 4 are fitted to the main shaft of the control unit by a suitable flexible coupling. For top mounted units, nominal shaft length of up to 6 meters (20 feet) can be supplied.

ClutchRotalog Mounting Selection - Kemutec

A specially designed clutch is incorporated to prevent damage to the gearbox and motor due to surge load on the paddle.

Guide Tube

Guide tubes are fitted to top mounted units and support the extension shaft without impeding the free rotation of the paddle.


The main output shaft of the head unit runs on two seated bearings. In addition, a shaft seal is fitted as standard to all side mounted units.

Top mounted units are fitted with a similar seal at the lower end of the guide tube.

This seal protects the main bearings within the head unit against the ingress of the product and can be used at pressures up to 40p.s.i. (2.76 bar).

Contact Parts

Metallic contact parts of Models 1 and 2 are stainless steel as standard (Model 2 switches have Food Grade rubber flexible couplings.) Model 4 switches have the option of mild steel or stainless steel shaft extensions. Paddles and mounting plates are always of stainless steel.

Temperature Range

The unit operates in an ambient temperature range of – 10° to +50°C.

Custom built high-temperature units can be supplied.


Mucon Rotalog Paddle Switch Models

Rotalogs in Hopper - KemutecMucon Rotalog Paddle Switches are available in 3 models to suit the specific installation requirements for the application.

Model 1 – Lower Level

Side mounting, single vane paddle, solid shaft with shaft seal. (Normal shaft length 103mm).

Model 2 – High Level (Side)

Side mounting, 4 vane paddle with rubber molded flexible coupling and shaft seal.  (Normal shaft length 140mm).

Model 3 – High Level (Top)

Top Mounting 4 vane paddle extension shaft and guide tube fitted with guide tube-seal.




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