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Kek Kibbler Pre-Breakers

Kek Kibbler for Heavy Duty Lump Breaking and Deagglomeration of Powders and Granules

Kek Kibblers/Pre-Breakers are heavy duty lump breakers with the built-in screen classification to ensure consistent milled particle size range.

Milled Particle Size Range – 150 mm to < 2-3 mm

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Kek M305 Kibbler - with H.D. drive and feed hopper
Kek M305C Kibbler - mounted on mobile support frame
Kek M305C Kibbler - with cantilever shaft and showing easy access to screen and rotor
Kek M305 Kibbler - acting as pre-breaker before a Kek Cone Mill
Kek M303C Kibbler - with feed hopper and discharge chute
Kek M203C Kibbler - with easy access door and vacuum take-off discharge
Kek 305 Kibbler - showing easy access side door

Kemutec Kek Kibbler Pre-Breaker

Features Include:

Heavy Duty Lump Breaker & Pre-Breaker Slow-Speed, High Torque Size Reduction

  • Cantilever Shaft Design Available
  • Quick Screen Changes
  • Screen Provides Particle Size Control
  • Minimal ‘Fines’ generation

How It Works


How It Works

Kek Kibbler is a slow-speed, high-torque coarse grinder for heavy duty delumping and pre-breaking applications.


  • Strong and Robust Construction
  • Minimal ‘Fines’ Generation
  • Minimal Heat Generation
  • Control of Milled Particle Size Through Screen Selection
  • Low Noise Operation

Kibbler Range

KibblemobilProduct Range

Kek Kibblers are available in 4 sizes to suit operation from pilot plant installation through to applications of over 100 tons/hour.

Model Throughput Scale-up Cantilever

Data Sheet Download

M203 0.25   On Request
M303 0.5 x DS512
M305 1.0 x DS446
M311 2.0   DS464

Design Options

Kibbler CantileverDesign Options

Customized Design

Kek Kibblers are fully customizable to suit the process, environment, cleaning and installed conditions.

These include:

  • Cantilever Shaft With No End Bearing or Seal
  • Hinged Access Doors
  • Pressure Rated Design for Inline Applications
  • Various Feed and Collection Ancillary Products172
  • Various Drive Configurations



305 kibblerApplications

Kek Kibblers are versatile, heavy-duty grinders and pre-breakers with typical applications including:


Breaking of soft to medium hard agglomerates in the feed material.


Pre-grinding of larger lumps of medium-hard material to a milled size that can then be further reduced to a powder in fine grinders.

Coarse Grinding

Grinding of large lumps of medium-hard materials to less than 3mm pieces.


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