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PPS Air Classifier Mills

PPS Air Classifier Mills for Ultra-Fine and Controlled Particle Size Grinding

PPS Air Classifier Mills are high energy grinding mills with an integral classifier to produce ultra-fine powders.

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PPS Lab Mill - ideal for small batch development
PPS 2CMT Mill - with top mounted classifier drive
PPS 5CMT Mill - with coaxial drive as rotor and classifier
PPS 10-CMT Mill - with top mounted classifier drive
PPS 5CMT Mill - with clam-shell easy
PPS 8CMT Mill - showing feed & discharge system
PPS 3CMT Mill - system overview
PPS 1CMT Mill - rapid response easy clean mill
PPS 8CMT Mill - 200hp sugar grinder

PPS Air Classifier Mills

Features Include:

  • High Energy Controlled Grinding
  • Integral Classifier for a Finer Powder
  • Tight Particle Size Distribution
  • Large Range from 5hp to 400hp
  • Easy Clean ‘Clam-Shell´ Body Option

PPs Air Classifier Mill Range

Product Range

PPS Air Classifier Mills are available in a large range of sizes, from small lab pilot units through to 400 hp production units.

PPS Air Classifier Mill Range

Model Main Drive Power Classifier Drive Power Approx. Airflow
Lab CMT 1.5 hp 1 hp 175 cfm
1 CMT 5.5 hp 1 hp 500 cfm
2 CMT 10 hp 2 hp 700 cfm
3 CMT 15 hp 3 hp 1000 cfm
4 CMT 30 hp 5.5 hp 2500 cfm
5 CMT 40 hp 7.5 hp 3000 cfm
6 CMT 60 hp 10 hp 5000 cfm
7 CMT 75 hp 15 hp 6000 cfm
8 CMT 200 hp 30 hp 11750 cfm
10 CMT 300 hp 60 hp 18000 cfm
12 CMT 400 hp 75 hp 24750 cfm



134PPS Air Classifier Mills provide ultra-fine grinding of powders with a controlled particle size distribution.

Typical Applications include:

Food Industry

  • 12X and 14X Grade Powdered Sugar
  • Gluten
  • Ultra-Fine Flour

Chemical Industry

  • Dye Powders
  • Toner Powders
  • Dry Sorbent Powders
  • Talc

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Ultra-fine Grinding of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Custom Design

Custom Design

135PPS Air Classifier Mills benefit from versatile design capability, which can be customized to suit the demands of individual applications.

This includes:

  • Temperature Controlled Grinding
  • Cryogenic Milling
  • Inert Milling
  • Explosion Protection
    • Explosion relief through Bursting Panels
    • Explosion suppression with a Quench System
    • PPS1Explosion containment with 10 bar PSR design
    • System inerting by replacing combustible gases and air with inert gas such as nitrogen

In addition, PPS Air Classifier Mills benefit from flexibility of design, allowing systems to be customized to fit into all types of physical layouts.

Cleaning and maintenance of the PPS Air Classifier Mill system is enhanced by:

  • Clam-Shell design mill body for easy access to the grinding chamber
  • Pressure capable quick-release pipe connections
  • Replaceable grinding pins, bars and hammers
  • Replaceable classifier wheels
  • Replaceable mill liners


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