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The Engineering Marvel – The Mucon SD Series Slide Gate Valve

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Sometimes things rise up out of pure necessity, and sometimes intelligent people sit back and simply build a better mouse trap.

Our Engineers at Process Components came up with a brilliant design for our vacuum and pressure conveying gate valve.  The SD series has several features which you will not find on other models.  There is no plastic in this valve, there is no exhaust vents to discharge material that is captured and retained within the valve from inferior design.  The Mucon SD series also does not have adjustable shims that will need tinkering from time to time.

Our SD series has the most progressive design when it comes to providing a loading action.  This allows the valve to sweep material into the retention area of the body, but kick it back out when the valve opens.  Other designs will tend to fail much earlier than ours and cause material to loiter outside of the retention area while the valve is actuating.

The stack up height of the valve is retained across the entire size range of the SD series, which is also unheard of in the world of gate valves.  Our bodies are 100% capable of supporting our pneumatic cylinders and will not need a bulky support stand.  The SD series also features through holes which will allow you to suspend heavy rotary valves directly from the flange of the valve.  Our flanges that are sold in North, Central, and South America will come standard with ANSI 150 bolt circle diameters and number of holes.

Stop by our website and take a look at our SD series, along with all of our other Mucon brand valves.  We are the inventors of the iris valve and have the hardest working equipment in the world

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