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Mucon SDP Shut-Off Valve for Metal Powders

787a67e27d1bb1c88fa1b1d6ae8a5037.78b1a5e70379f511b1951718de47a9ebA leading supplier of metal powders, semi-finished products and components made from tungsten, molybdenum and phosphor came to Kemutec’s Mucon division looking for a shut-off valve solution for their demanding applications. The customer was looking to replace existing shut-off valves that had reached the end of their life cycle. The replacement valves had to perform in a superior manner within an extremely challenging operating environment, capable of handling:

In addition to the challenging operating environment, these shut-off valves are subjected to constant high-frequency operation (every 10-15 sec. open/closed).

The Mucon SDP Slide Gate Valves fulfill the need for reliability, robustness and ease of maintenance, minimizing downtime in high-volume installations. Standard ANSI drilling further facilitates installation and maintenance requirements. Its streamlined design contributes to a clean and safe work environment.

More than two dozen SDP’s are currently operating at this manufacturer’s facilities. Routine maintenance due to the harsh operating environment has become much easier and safer. Downtime is kept to a minimum while productivity remains high.

Mucon SDP Slide Gate Valve provides the latest in advanced slide gate valve technology for the powder and bulk solids handling industries. Its robust but simple design boasts a patent application with more than 53 innovative claims; making the Mucon Slide Gate Valve one of the most advanced valves of its type on the market today.

Standard features include:

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