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Mucon Oyster Lightweight, Sanitary Butterfly Valve for Vacuum Systems

Mucon - VE Butterfly Valve for VacuumValve: Mucon Oyster™ Compact VP Valve

Handling / Material: Pharmaceutical powders

Location: United Kingdom

Application:  Pharmaceutical powders in a hygienic environment with vacuum             

Details: Supply a light-weight, sanitary butterfly valve compatible with the vacuum system.

Traditionally, butterfly valves designed for use in high vacuum applications, especially in the larger sizes required for powder handling in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and Cosmetics industries, tend to be large, heavy, complicated, and inconvenient to strip down for cleaning, and as a result do not conform to the requirements of cGMP design including:

•  No dead points where product can accumulate
•  Rounded corners and edges
•  Highly polished wetted parts
•  Easy and quick strip down and reassembly
•  Tool free maintenance wherever possible

Sanitary valves designed to these standards do not perform well in vacuum conditions, especially when open, where they can very easily lose their seal due to the action of the vacuum.

The solution: In order to meet these requirements, the Mucon Oyster™ butterfly valve team designed a sanitary valve with the following features.

Key features:

•  The unique clamshellTM clamp design enables tool-free strip down and reassembles in a few seconds.
•  The valves are precision machined with all product contact surfaces in AISI 316L mirror polished to full Pharma specification
•  The valve body design ensures that the sealing arrangements are fully resistant to vacuum and there is no possibility for the vacuum to dislodge the seal whether in the open or closed position
•  The innovative design of the FDA and USP class VI compliant silicone seal ensures that opening torque is kept to a minimum
•  Tri-clamp end connections enable straightforward hygienic fitting into host system with commercially available mating ferrules and clamps

The result: Many machines and installations use vacuum for the movement or processing of powders in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, and Cosmetics industries. This has required some degree of compromise in selecting the right valve for the job.

At last, there is a genuine sanitary valve suitable for use in such applications.

The simplified design and quicker maintenance saves time for personnel and reduces cost. Reduced downtime, increased productivity, and improvements in cleaning protocols, lead to improved process performance.

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