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Mucon K2P Iris Diaphragm Valve with Variable Orifice Control Module

Over the past 60 years, the Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve has provided infinite flexibility in adjusting the diameter of the valve diaphragm orifice via manual operation between fully closed and fully opened.

Over this period, the demand for more automated powder handling control and isolation valves has grown. To meet this demand Mucon has developed and launched a number of powered versions of the Iris Valve including the well-known Series-E Iris Diaphragm Valve.

Historically, in order to both control and monitor the position of these powered valves, they have been fitted with open and closed limit switches and one, or perhaps two, intermediate position switches somewhere in between; often referred to as the ‘trickle’ position.

More recent developments including the Series K2P and A2P Iris valves which have improved the ability to vary the diaphragm orifice still further by providing a pulse generator switch; offering the end user the ability to program up to thirty positions between fully open and closed.

Working alongside specialist drive manufacturers has allowed Mucon to utilize advances in drive technology to provide a control module that delivers all the variability of the hand operated Iris Diaphragm valve, but in an electrically powered package.

Once programmed, the controller can utilize any 4-20mA or 0-10V input signal to give direct, closed loop, control over the open diameter of the valve orifice. When this control module is used in conjunction with a powered Mucon Iris Valve, feedback from a weigh scale can be used to slowly close the valve as it approaches the target weight or in the case of a mill the feed rate can be controlled in real-time, based on an interpretation of the load on the drive motor.

The module also monitors torque and can be programmed to gently push to a closed position while protecting the motor from damage.

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