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Coffee Lovers, Love Kemutec Process Equipment

Coffee Lovers Love Kemutec Process EquipmentThe United States is the #1 consumer of coffee in the world with 400 million cups of coffee consumed per day, that is equal to 146 billion a year. 75% of the ca¬ffeine consumed in the US is from coffee. That’s a lot of coffee.

Kemutec equipment delivers coffee to the consumer in several ways:

GKM Flat Deck Screeners are successful in the separation of broken and damaged beans or the separation of beans by size. The GKM Flat Deck Screener can also be used for the control screening, fractionating and dedusting of powdered and ground coffee. The gentle, controlled screening operation is particularly well suited for heavy products like coffee beans or the gentle screening of ground coffee preventing the creation of additional fines before packaging.

The Kek Universal Mill transforms the coffee bean into the perfect grind for final consumer enjoyment. The mill is designed for robust, high-performance production providing a milled particle size range of 250-500μ for expresso to 600-1000μ for French press. They are easy to clean between batches and can be custom designed for clean in place requirements for fine grinding applications. Available with interchangeable grinding media (turbine and screen, pinned disc or beater blade) the Kek Universal Mill is the perfect complement to the coffee grinding process.

The Mucon H Series Iris Valve is the low-cost and compact valve designed to provide flow control from steal or plastic IBCs, mobile bins, and hoppers. Perfect for the control of coffee beans or grinds before processing and final packaging.

There is also the Mucon JS Valve. This Iris Valve is designed for installation into discharge stations to control the flow of FIBCs or bulk bags. It is the ideal alternative if the coffee beans or grinds are _owing for a flexible container.

The Mucon Promoflow Discharge Aid is perfect for keeping the flow of the coffee moving from a hopper or storage tower. It helps eliminate flow problems including bridging, ratholing and segregation. The installation of a Promoflow Discharge Aid will promote the flow of any product which is normally capable of _ow, but which needs occasional or frequent help to get started or to keep it moving. The best part, it is easily retrofitted to existing silos and hoppers and can be designed to fit most shapes and sizes. (View Video)

The Kek Centrifugal Sifter has been used to depack coffee satchels. The centrifugal force of the sifter opens the packages then separates the coffee product from the satchels. The satchels then flow out the overs shoot while the reclaimed product travels through the outlet. The Kek Centrifugal sifter provides an economical and valuable method to reclaim what would otherwise be unusable product. (Read Data Sheet)

Kemutec’s range of powder processing equipment and components are integral in the coffee production process and getting the final product to coffee consumers. For more information about this or other Kek Centrifugal applications, or for details about Kemutec full range of products, visit our website at or contact us at 215 788-8013.

Coffee Lovers Love Kemutec Process Equipment

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