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Powder Flow Problem Solved for Adhesive Manufacturer

Powder Flow Problem Solved for Adhesive Manufacturer - Promo-Flow

A Sticky Problem – Solved!

The manufacturer of industrial adhesives involves the use of a wide variety of ingredients each with their own inherent flow problems.

Materials such as Zinc Oxide and Lithium Carbonate have extremely poor flow characteristics, while products such as Gelatine, Melflux and Blast Furnace Slag need only occasional assistance to get moving.

A well known adhesives manufacturer uses a total of fourteen different ingredients housed in fourteen discharge hoppers in one section of its production facilities. Each of the fourteen hoppers was fitted with live bottom Bin Discharges and each was designed and constructed to handle a dedicated product.

The Requirement

Problems arose as production increased and it was necessary for each hopper to handle any of the fourteen different ingredient materials. To overcome serious hold ups in production due to hopper blockage and non-delivery of ingredient materials, a system design change was necessary.

The Solution

Mucon was approached to offer a solution to these serious flow problems and after carrying out a series of trials on the majority of ingredient materials, each hopper was modified to incorporate a pair of Mucon Promoflow Discharge Aids.

Promoflow Discharge Aids are the flagship of Mucon’s flow promotion devices for problematic dry bulk solids stored in hoppers and silos. They comprise of internally mounted screens or grids, actuated by externally mounted pneumatic vibrators. These powerful devices move difficult products by transmitting vibration directly into the material – and not into the bin. Accordingly, they are efficient, effective and quiet in operation. They have the added advantage of being easily retrofitted to existing bins or silos, requiring only minimal work to the container itself.

The installation of the Mucon Promoflow Discharge Aids immediately overcame the customer’s discharge problems.

An easy answer to what was a sticky problem!

The Mucon range of Discharge Aids complements their well known range of Iris Diaphragm Valves with which their name is synonymous. The combination of Discharge Aids to get products moving and valves to control (or stop) the flow, truly gives Mucon ‘The Power to Control Powders’.

For more information or to discuss your specific application, please contact us at Kemutec – – 215 788-8013.

Shakes the Contents – Not the Bin

Promoflow Discharge Aids vibrate the product inside the hopper or silo, but not the structure itself. This prevents the fatigue factors commonly associated with other vibrating discharge solutions.

The custom made internally mounted screens are specially designed to transmit vibration directly into the product, preventing material bridging, rat-holing or segregation during discharge.Powder-flow-problems-solved---adhesives---promofow

Promoflow Solution

The installation of a Promoflow discharge system will promote the flow of any product that is normally capable of flow, but needs occasional or frequent help to get started or to keep material moving.

How Does it Work?

Promoflow discharge systems introduce vibration directly into the product keeping it alive, reducing the strength of any bonding or locking of the particles, which may result in a flow problem.

Robust vibrators mounted externally activate vibrating screens mounted on the inside of the silo walls, at the points where flow problems occur. Rubber isolation mounts attach the Promoflow discharge systems to the silo, preventing leakage through the mounting holes. The discharge screen movement is typically 2-4mm which is sufficient to generate a steady action, while imparting little or no vibration to the silo itself.

Ideal for existing silos….

The Promoflow discharge system is a quick and easy retrofit solution to existing silos and hoppers. It can be used in conjunction with many different materials and designed to fit most vessels, regardless of their shape or size. They can even be installed in concrete silos 

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