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Mucon Product Training Seminar – 2015

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Prague_NewsIn May 2015, Mucon organized a two day product training seminar in Prague for its overseas distributors. The seminar offered the opportunity for more than thirty representatives from around the world to learn more about Mucon and its existing product ranges, as well as see ‘first hand’ what new product innovations had been made to Mucon products such as the Series ADP range of Iris valves. In addition, a lot of time at the seminar was dedicated to introducing and training new and existing distributors to the new exciting DSV Slide valve and RGV Roller Gate Valve product ranges.

Delegates not only learned about the Mucon range in theoretical terms, they were encouraged and given every opportunity to get ‘hands on’ training to see how each valve functioned and what design improvements had been made to extend valve longevity. Modifications to the various product ranges were also demonstrated to show how valve maintenance had been made simpler and quicker to perform.

Prague-1At the end of the seminar each representative was encouraged to present their own Mucon Case Studies. This gave everyone the chance to demonstrate to their peers, their success in offering customers product solutions which overcame specific processing issues. This not only encouraged a lively question and answer opportunity for delegates to obtain further detailed information, but it also provided delegates with new product applications for a wide variety of industrial applications.The Mucon seminar also offered Tony Goodwin (Managing Director) the opportunity to acknowledge achievements made by top Mucon performers. Kemutec Inc. (USA) was presented with an award for overall best Mucon sales results and Keyser & Mackay (Germany) was given two awards for best marketing and most improved Mucon distributor.

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