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Kemutec Offers Comprehensive Test Facility for Powder Processing Industry

Kemutec Test CenterLocated at their Bristol, PA Technical Center, Kemutec offers a comprehensive test facility fully equipped to demonstrate full-scale production, pilot and lab size equipment  The facilities allow for first-hand evaluation and recording of trial results.   They are equipped to test special requirements, including grinding at low and cryogenic temperatures or under inert atmospheres, assuring that Kemutec offers the best processing equipment for your needs.  Test equipment includes: Kek Sifters, Cone Mills, Kibblers/Pre-breakers, Gardner Mixers and Blenders and PPS Air Classifier Mills

Supporting the testing services, Kemutec utilizes a laser particle size analyzer to facilitate accurate size determination of both the feed and processed test materials.  An individualized report is provided for each test typically outlining the specifications of the test including material, machine type, run settings, and processing parameters including temperature, thru-put rate, bulk density, etc. Every test is performed under strict confidentiality guidelines, and they provide mutually agreed upon non-disclosure agreements as required.

As an alternative to trials at the Test Center, Kemutec can test at your site.  This is particularly desirable when the process application needs to take place while the product is in a specific condition or when it requires a high degree of containment.  Kemutec offers test units complete with a full range of mixing, milling, and sifting options.

Kemutec’s team of test and process engineers are committed to meeting specific requirements through process innovation and product customization.  This dedication, coupled with our comprehensive test centers, provides the right solution for your powder processing application.

For more information, please contact Kemutec at 215 788-8013,

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