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Kemutec Introduces the New Mucon Slide Gate Valve

New Mucon Slide  Gate Valve

New Mucon Slide Gate Valve

Mucon, the originator of the Iris Diaphragm Valve, is proud to announce the launch of a new range of pneumatic and manually actuated double flanged In-Line Slide Gate Valves.

The exciting new Mucon Slide Gate Valve has 53 new patents pending claims, resulting in a nomination as a new product for the prestigious TechnoPharm New Innovation award at the upcoming Powtech Exhibition in Germany in April 2013.

Features and benefits of the Mucon SD-P Slide Gate Valve include: a robust, complete, shut-off solution that is ideal for powders, granules and pellets.  A durable self-compensating polymer seal that ensures the blade is completely dust tight which prevents material leaking into the environment.  It also offers total unobstructed full bore opening for smooth, non-jamming operation.  The SD-P Slide Gate Valve is self-cleaning, low maintenance and economical.  For additional information please contact Kemutec at 215 -788-8013 or or for additional information

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