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Kemutec at Petfood Forum

Join us for the 25th Anniversary –  Petfood Forum – April 4-5, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. Early Bird Registration is Now Open – Simply Click Here to Register

Kek K300 Centrifugal Sifter KemutecThis year Kemutec is proud to feature their extended range of powder processing equipment under the market leading Kek brand. This includes the Kek K300 Centrifugal Sifter and the Mucon range of flow control valves.

Kemutec specializes in powder processing equipment and systems, flow control, iris diaphragm valves and gravity flow control applications. Supplying the Kek, GKM, PPS, Gardner, and Mucon brand names, Kemutec specializes in size reduction, sifting, mixing technologies, and flow control in the food, pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical industries.

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