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Kemutec Air Classifier Mills Spare Parts and Service Brochure

Kemutec announces the New Air Classifier Mills Spare Parts and Service Brochure

Kemutec supplies spare parts and consumables for Kek, Gardner, and PPS equipment. All replacement parts are manufactured to the original drawings and exact specifications making your refurbished unit as robust, efficient and reliable as ever.

Kemutec has vast knowledge and expertise within a comprehensive array of powder processing sectors, Kemutec consequently is able to offer a range of products and services which are tailored towards maximizing the performance and life expectancy of a wide variety of powder processing equipment.

Over the years, Kemutec has earned itself an enviable reputation as a supplier of high-quality Air Classifier spare parts. In the past, Kemutec only supplied spare parts for the PPS brand, but as time has gone by our customers have increasingly commissioned us to supply spare parts for other brands of Air Classifier machines.

Air Classifier Mills often operate on a 24/7 basis. This means that the efficiency of your machines is therefore ‘mission critical’ and essential to product quality, and productivity. Kemutec provides quality spare parts and services to ensure its customers get the best possible performance from their existing machinery.

Organizations not only rely on their Air Classifier Mills to produce processed materials, they rely on them to meet their customer obligations. Having the right support and backup is, therefore, essential to ensure that downtime is reduced and quality products are produced.

For more information on Air Classifier maintenance and spares or to request a copy of the brochure, contact –

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