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Introducing the New Mucon Oyster Super Leggera (Lightweight) Butterfly Valve

1e61624f79401bdd11dac85ac4d79458.78b1a5e70379f511b1951718de47a9ebThe New Mucon Oyster™ Super Leggera Butterfly Valve is designed for applications where weight is of critical importance. An ingenious re-design of the market leading Compact series valve, the Super Leggera weighs barely half as much and is available in a completely tool-free version.

All Mucon Oyster™ sanitary butterfly valves are designed according to cGMP standards, for trouble free operation and easy maintenance. The valve design ensures optimal hygienic and functional characteristics and eliminates recesses with hard-to-clean corners. Mucon Oyster™ Butterfly Valves are manufactured to exacting tolerances and finished to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Available in 2” – 12” diameter they are suitable for in place washing. Cleaning and sterilization operations are greatly simplified thanks to the extremely easy strip down and reassembly offered by the Clamshell clamp system.

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