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Gardner L Series Ribbon Mixer for Powder Dairy Products

Case Study

Product: Gardner L Series 50L Ribbon MixerGardner L Series Ribbon Mixer

Handling / Material: Powder Dairy Products

Location: Central America

Application: Pilot research, process development, and small-scale production.

Special Features: The Gardner 50L ribbon mixer is fitted with a Mucon 6” AD Iris Diaphragm Valve for controlled flow of mixed powder dairy product.

Features and Benefits: Gardner Horizontal Ribbon Mixers are designed for the rapid and efficient blending of powders and granular materials. They are small and compact batch ribbon mixers that feature a full-length top cover opening for maximum access. The interrupted spiral ribbon agitator is easily removed for cleaning and hygiene and they can be fitted with a large range of outlet valves for controlled flow from the mixer.

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