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Kek K500CVL Centrifugal Sifter-Inline Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Kemutec-Kek-K500CVLInline Pneumatic Conveying Sifting & Screening

Kek Sifter for Inline Pneumatic Conveying Systems – Kemutec’s Kek K500CVL inline vacuum conveying centrifugal sifter is designed for pneumatic conveying systems.

What’s New? It is specifically configured to handle powders with no need to disentrain the conveying air before sifting takes place.   It features a cantilever shaft with no oversized bearings or seals and it delivers not only the best standards of hygiene and cleanliness but also unsurpassed reliability with minimal maintenance requirements.

Benefits The Kek K500CVL features a clean, simple design. It has oversize end and inspection doors that open in seconds saving time during inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. It also has an easily removable screen, available in nylon, steel mesh, and wedge wire, for inspection and cleaning.


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