Powder Processing Equipment and Components for the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

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Kemutec specializes in powder processing equipment and systems, flow promotion, iris diaphragm valves and gravity flow control applications. Supplying the Kek, PPS, GKM, Gardner and Mucon brand names, Kemutec specializes in size reduction, sifting, mixing technologies, and flow control powder processing industries. Our line includes Sifters, Cone Mills, Air Classifier Mills, Kibbler / Pre-Breakers, Universal Mills, Iris Diaphragm Valves, Butterfly Valves, Disc Valves, Discharge Aids and Level Indicators. No matter the application Kemutec has the powder processing solution.


Food Industry

  • Flour Sifting
  • Ingredient Check Sifting
  • Dairy Powders

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Chemical Industry

  • Nylon Flock Deagglomeration
  • General Fine Powder Classification
  • Powder Deagglomeration

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Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Check Sieving of Bulk Pharmaceuticals
  • Classification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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Environmental Industry

Kemutec offers Powder Mills for the fine grinding of Dry Sorbent Powders in the flue gas desulphurization process.

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